Thursday, 29 October 2015

Whainga ako: Write a recount about A time with my friends.

He aha? what Ahea? when ko wai? who At school today He aha ai ? why kei hea?
where when today what maths, writing and reading who classroom where at school why so we can learn 

Today I’m at school in the monning’sI played dogball.Me, Breyton, T.K, Mariao, Jake, Bjorn, and Hunter.I’m am doing my branstrom about at school.To talk about their story’s.School is fun because we learn we play outside.We are doing same mahe we are doing a recount.We had to doing 2 part grafts then we are going to have free time.The teacher said we are not alowed to talk because we well had to stay inside.

I was learning to write about a time with friends for a writing assessment.

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