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Whainga ako: Understand what you are reading

Whainga ako: Understand what you are reading.

Answer the questions below by using your book to look for answers.

What does the word Poha mean?A clever way of storing food

Page 24:
Name one way Maori stored food?pack it into poha

Write 2 facts about titi?Titi are the most common seabird in New Zealand.
There are more then 40 million of them in the world.
Page 25:
Where do the titi lay their eggs?particular islands

What important events are titi cooked for?They are often cooking for important events such as birthdays, weddings, or tangi .

Page 26:
He aha te kupu Maori mo kaumatua?Tiny Metzger is a kaumatua from bluff.

He aha te kupu Maori mo taua?His taua taught him how to make them when he was a boy.

Page 27:
Write 3 things you need to get ready to make poha?A kelp, a kate, and strips of totara bark.

Page 28:
Write 2 facts down about rimurapa?Rimurapa is a type of seaweed. It grows on New Zealand’s rocky coastlines,

Page 29:
Write the 3 steps of making poha?bag, a kete and stips

Page 32:
Why are Titi Island and poha a taonga?The Titi Islands and poha are taonga handed down to southern maori from their tipuna.

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