Thursday, 29 October 2015

Whainga ako: Understand what you are reading

Whainga ako: Understand what you are reading.

Answer the questions below by using your book to look for answers.

What does the word Poha mean?A clever way of storing food

Page 24:
Name one way Maori stored food?pack it into poha

Write 2 facts about titi?Titi are the most common seabird in New Zealand.
There are more then 40 million of them in the world.
Page 25:
Where do the titi lay their eggs?particular islands

What important events are titi cooked for?They are often cooking for important events such as birthdays, weddings, or tangi .

Page 26:
He aha te kupu Maori mo kaumatua?Tiny Metzger is a kaumatua from bluff.

He aha te kupu Maori mo taua?His taua taught him how to make them when he was a boy.

Page 27:
Write 3 things you need to get ready to make poha?A kelp, a kate, and strips of totara bark.

Page 28:
Write 2 facts down about rimurapa?Rimurapa is a type of seaweed. It grows on New Zealand’s rocky coastlines,

Page 29:
Write the 3 steps of making poha?bag, a kete and stips

Page 32:
Why are Titi Island and poha a taonga?The Titi Islands and poha are taonga handed down to southern maori from their tipuna.

Whainga ako: Write a recount about A time with my friends.

He aha? what Ahea? when ko wai? who At school today He aha ai ? why kei hea?
where when today what maths, writing and reading who classroom where at school why so we can learn 

Today I’m at school in the monning’sI played dogball.Me, Breyton, T.K, Mariao, Jake, Bjorn, and Hunter.I’m am doing my branstrom about at school.To talk about their story’s.School is fun because we learn we play outside.We are doing same mahe we are doing a recount.We had to doing 2 part grafts then we are going to have free time.The teacher said we are not alowed to talk because we well had to stay inside.

I was learning to write about a time with friends for a writing assessment.

Monday, 14 September 2015

Whainga ako:find informatona about a Patu

We were learning to read information about a patu and how to make a patu.

Whainga ako: Digital Dig

We are learning to add a photo from webcam
and I was drawing my name too.